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Create Stunning Logos, Mockups, Brand Graphics & Logo Videos With Fully Automated

Cloud-Based Design Suite

Create Branding Kits for Your  VideoXQ-AI Clients Fast:

Create Branding Graphics -

make logos, mockups, social media graphics, print graphics, logo intro videos and so much more.

Unlimited Licenses -

create and sell unlimited branding and graphics materials

Agency Website Builder -

with 20+ customizable templates, free hosting, & custom domain

Dedicated Agency License -

Provide brand design services to other businesses using 4brand

Thousands of Templates -

premium templates for logos, mockups, social media, logo videos, business cards, invoices, letterheads, brochures, flyers etc

And Much More!-

Including VIP bonuses

Activate Your VideoXQ-AI 4Brand License Now Before the Next Price Bump:

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VideoXQ-AI 4Brand Special

Check Out Some Of The Designs made With 4Brand

And so much more Brand Assets… Everything You Need
For Your Business…

Businesses Have Paid Astronomical Amounts For Logo Designs Alone

…and that’s without the cost of logo intro videos, social media
graphics, mockups, print graphics and more!

That’s pretty overwhelming… but here’s the thing:

In 2009, the beverage company Tropicana decided to rebrand its popular and high selling orange juice product. They decided to switch to a:

– Simpler packaging
– New logo design and font
– And new juice package

After $35 million in rebrand budget…

The result?

They lost more than 20% in sales revenue because their popular juice pack was no longer recognizable. The rebranded Tropicana suddenly look like any other inexpensive and generic juice brand.

Big companies know that a logo is much more than just a graphics design
a logo captures the brand perfectly to forge an identity anyone can relate to.

…that’s why you need a branding solution that creates a unique and
recognizable logo design and brand visuals for your business!

…and that’s without the cost of logo intro videos, social media graphics, mockups, print graphics and more!

To: Every Offline & Online Business Owner Who Is In Desperate Need For Branding

Subject: RE: Introducing an All-In-One Branding Kit

Hello Fellow Entrepreneur,

​Ugo here.

After spending over 8 years+ in this field and serving over 25,000+ Happy customers and businesses, I can say that creating a STRONG Brand is the single most important aspect of marketing. You’ve already seen the crazy amount of money businesses spend to get a good logo design and you heard what top business leaders and thinkers have to say about it too…

​Branding and design are super important and there’s no need over-flogging it. To get a good logo branding that works, small businesses generally opt for:

Creating and designing
your own logos and brand visuals

This will require you to be simply “Creative”. Sounds so simple, right? Well, according to studies and research, to be creative… all you need is:


A ‘HIGH-CREATIVE’ Network In Your Brain That Includes These 3 Parts

The default network is activated when you engage in spontaneous thinking, such as mind-wandering, daydreaming and imagining…and plays a key role in idea generation or brainstorming—thinking of several possible solutions to a problem.

The executive control is activated when you need to focus or control your thought processes to evaluate an idea evaluation and determine whether brainstormed ideas will actually work or not.

The salience network is a switching mechanism between the first 2 networks and is mainly responsible for making that idea a reality.

In Simple Terms…

To be creative, you need to be:

  born with it

  right brained

  so lucky that it falls on your lap from the sky

  a little mad

Now people like us who want to focus on their business, products, customers etc. this 1st option of designing your own logo hardly seems attractive.

Sure…there are a lot of tools in the market that are supposedly ‘FREE’…only till you are designing your logo – only to find out in the end that if you want to actually use it – you’ll have to pay per design.

So, let’s move onto the next one…

Paying a Designer
to do it for us

Now in case you’re not ready to put in all that extra work, you can always hire experts to do the job for you.

But remember…

Designers either charge by the hour or charge an extremely exorbitant fee for per project. Be sure to part ways with couple of thousands of dollars to get what your brand designs and videos done for you.

Take a look:

Not Just Freelancers…

You Can Outsource To Agencies As Well

That’s right… but pick your jaw off the floor…

I have a solution that will make you breathe easy again!

Now, I know BOTH these options suck. It’s been a problem for quite sometime now. And although there have been a few tools that were launched to solve this problem… they were lacking in some area or the other…

Either they took too much of your time or weren’t as easy-peasy as they claimed to be.

So, my team and I teamed up with the best design team to create the best logo design and branding software for any business.


The Ultimate Logo Design and Brand Visuals Creation Software

The Quickest & Easiest Way To

Create Branding Designs For You & Your Clients in 3 Simple Steps

Step #1

Select Your Template

Generate Over 300 Million Stunning Designs.

Based on your preference, pick out a template from our assorted range of options to create a logo, mockup or logo teaser video

Step #2


Simply drag and drop elements to redesign the existing templates to match your brand preference.

Step #3

Save & Sell

With one click of a button, download your final designs for personal use or sell them to clients for big bucks.

4Brand Will Create Any Type of Business Branding Design

You Need For Your Business or Your Clients Business At Lightning Speed

Here’s A Sneak Peek of 4Brand In Action

See Some Of The Features That Make 4Brand The Go-To Tool For Non-Designers

Beginner Friendly Interface

If you are a newbie with zero technical knowledge, don’t worry we got you!

Our team has worked hard to design an interface that is so easy to use and effortless to pick up on.

All you have to do is drag and drop elements to create your desired designs. It’s that simple!

Bring your vision to reality with just a few clicks. Honestly, you’ll be stunned to learn just how easy it actually is.

Effortless profits are just a hop, skip and a jump away. And it’s got your name all over it.

Breakthrough Visual Creator

If Ideally to create visual content you would need quite a bit of technical and design experience, not to mention the programming languages to digitally bring your ideas to life.

But guess what? 4brand does you one up by allowing you to skip all those parts and STILL create professional visual representations stunning enough to take your breath away.

This platform is 100% newbie-friendly, equipped with breakthrough technology, with a built-in What-You-See-is- What-You-Get editor so there is literally no way you could go wrong.

So with 100% perfection guaranteed, what more could you ask for?

Ridiculously Gripping Visual Creations

You have the power to create impressive logos, mockups & logo teaser videos within minutes that too without breaking a sweat.

And the best part? You have a pool of over 300 million designs to choose from!

You can unleash your creative side by starting completely from scratch or selecting one of our designer templates that will please the perfectionist in you.

These are no ordinary designs, they have been strategically put together to guarantee audience captivation, which leads to more traffic eventually achieving your ulterior motive—more sales!

Irresistible Templates

Each user has two options – Start with a blank canvas and work your way through or select from thousands of ready-to-use templates.

Our templates are not only top of the charts, professionally designed eye-catchers, but they are fully customizable to your preferences to make sure you are beyond satisfied with the final result.

Drag and drop, copy and paste or point and click your way through to build a stunning design for you or your client.

Never-Ending Assortment of Designs

You are going to be presented with so many options that no two designs will EVER look the same.

The combinations are endless and your creativity will have to be held back on a leash with the number of possibilities available.

Change the shapes, size, color, font or texture of your design with just a few clicks and there you have it..beautiful designs at your fingertips all day every day.

Be prepared to deal with all the new attention you will be flooded with!

Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth

Unlike other branding business design-building tools, there is no cap on the amount of storage you receive with 4brand.

There’s absolutely no restriction to the number of clients you can expand to and the easy and interactive interface provides a rich experience while accessing your massive storage area.

No more limiting yourself due to space shortage, we’ve removed all the obstacles while you’re on your path of building some insane profits.

Secure Cloud Sync

Your data remains secure while you work completely online efficiently and effortlessly.

No need to install or download anything.

You can always access your files on the cloud storage without disrupting your changes.

We are always thinking about your convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Profit Magnet At Zero Cost

Whether you choose to work with our existing templates or make use of our custom elements to create your own design, 4brand is guaranteed to capture those eyeballs and retain your audience almost every time.

This guarantees a boost in your profile visits, higher click through rates and then higher conversions, and the best part? You get all this without spending a single additional dollar.

Get Access To All These Incredible Features

See What Our 1000+ Users Are Saying

“4brand is branding made simple! This software will allow a newbie like me take my digital marketing agency to another level. I can’t wait to get started. Thanks guys for thinking of us newbies!”

Renee Stewart

“Simply: Branding made simple. Can it get any better than that?? YES!! Branding on steroids made affordable. The only losers are those that don’t get it. shan’t be I.”

Stephanie Roe Costello

“4brand is the answer to every entrepreneur’s nightmare. Just as the internet leveled the playing field in allowing access to more customers, 4Brand will level the playing field in meeting the customer’s needs in one stop, quickly and efficiently.”

Sharon Kinnier

“4Brand is an ultimate branding software that helps create STUNNING business branding visuals from just a single dashboard. It’s an amazing tool.”

Raman Kumar Jha


Only Available To The First 50 Fast Action Takers



Every business is currently in the same boat: they all need a good online presence to survive in this digital age and they desperately need help to actively shape their brand for profit.

Many times companies don’t even realize that a lousy brand image is the reason they are struggling so much.

Now think of the market opportunity if you can step right in and help them build a brand that turns their business around.

They will be so thankful that they won’t think twice before paying you any amount you ask for.

And all you have done is… create some stunning business branding designs for them in less than 60 seconds using 4Brand.

With this option alone
you’ll be able to:

Sell business branding designs for top dollar

Run a brand designing agency for offline and online businesses

Manage business branding design creation such as logos, mockups, and logo teaser videos for multiple businesses

In short

This option allows you to use 4Brand to make the best possible profits starting TODAY

Even if you only charged $500 per logo design, by being able to create multiple business branding designs fast with 4Brand, you could easily pocket an additional $10,000 a month on the side.

Just another reason toget access to 4Brand today.

Here’s What You Get With The Agency Upgrade

Launch Multiple Agencies

Have as many agencies as you want

Integrate Payment Processors

PayPal & Stripe

Contract Templates

Do it right the first time

Promo Video Templates

We make the videos, you profit

Upwork Startup Kit

All the training & tools needed

Add UNLIMITED Agency Users

No limit on team sub-accounts

Host On Your Own Domain

or use our free sub-domain

Agency Website Copy

Create your site with the right copy

Sales Presentation Template

Make that good first impression

DFY QuickStart Templates

Let’s get you all started quickly

Website Builder + Templates

No need to design. Just customize!

Autoresponder Integration

No limit on team sub-accounts

Phone Closing Script

Land the big clients with ease

Fiverr Startup Kit

Go straight to the money gigs

Web & Ad Banners

Get more clients with ads

This is actually scratching the surface of what you get with this Agency Upgrade.
You get a tried and true Agency features, tools, training and everything you need to find clients wherever they are and turn them to lifelong customers.

When It Comes To Features & Resources…
4Brand Stands Miles Ahead Of Its Competitors

But, Don’t Miss Out, The Price Will Be Increasing

Because we need to be fair to the early adopters of VideoXQ-AI 4Brand and support our bandwidth, we can’t allow everyone to access this price.
That’s why we’re limiting who gets in by raising the price every few hours.
For a very limited time, the good news is you can upgrade to VideoXQ-AI 4Brand for the lowest possible price and secure access with no monthly fees or hidden costs.

Plus, We’re Taking on All the Risk

Plus, if for any reason you don’t get triple the results or simply don’t want to use VideoXQ-AI 4Brand anymore in the next 30 days, just let our rapid response support team know and we’ll issue you a prompt refund.
The support desk is standing by to issue you a refund if you decide to exercise your risk-free 30 day money-back guarantee.

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VideoXQ-AI 4Brand Upgrade

Includes the Following:

  • Agency to 4-in-1 Branding Suite
  • Drag/Drop Design Dashboard
  • 10,000+ Color Logo Icons
  • 300+ Fonts
  • 50+ Mockup Templates
  • 10 Logo Intro Video Templates
  • Access to 10 Logo Intro Video Templates
  • Access to 20+ Mockup Templates
  • 300+ Ready-to-Use Templates
  • Access to Create Unlimited Logo Designs
  • Beginner Friendly Interface
  • Breakthrough Visual Creator
  • Render HD Logo Intros
  • Agency License & Set-up



VideoXQ-AI 4Brand Special

Your low investment is protected by a 30 day money-back guarantee

No thanks, I don’t want to sell branding services and logo stingers to clients, take me to my membership.